Beginning July 12, 1971, the Beloit
Meals On Wheels program
initiated its history of service to the
homebound—the elderly, ill and
handicapped residents of the
Greater Beloit area who were
unable to prepare meals for

Today, we continue to serve a
broad spectrum of clientele,
meeting their varied needs, be
they on a short-term basis while
recuperating from an illness or
surgery, for long-term
recuperation, or as a more
permanent means of food service.

Meals for the program are
prepared by the Hoffman House
Catering Service. As such, we are
capable of providing a variety of
therapeutic diets to meet your
medical needs. We also make
every effort to please your palate
by noting your specific foods likes
and dislikes.
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Mission Statement
Beloit Meals On Wheels provides daily nutritious meals to the
homebound elderly, ill and disabled in the Greater Beloit area
and furnishes needed services and information to promote
dignity and independence.

No one is denied service due to inability to pay.
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